Vetëvendosje Movement in Albania is against the developments regarding the negotiations for the sea.

In a special conference, Elvis Hoxha, says that it has always been Greece that has made public the developments, while the Albanian officials have remained silent.

It remains for us to understand that Mitsotakis’ earlier declaration to extend the sea border up to 12 miles after being based on 6-month negotiations with Albanian parties.

He even emphasized that every time there have been secret agreements, Albania has been lost.

“The sea is neither a folklore nor a mythological issue. But it is the ecosystem of national wealth and national security. Albanians know better than any other nation in the region what troubles the secret agreements have opened for us.”

There were also statements that integration is being sought in exchange for the maritime border.

“All these moves of the Rama government are driven by integration in Europe where Greece and further Greece would help us in the negotiations. But the homeland is not for sale to buy Europe.”

A few days ago, Prime Minister Rama stressed that Albania and Greece will address the international court to reach an agreement.