The list of candidates for the vacant positions in the Central Election Commission is revealed.

There are a total of 25 candidates who have applied for CEC positions, according to the new constitutional provisions.

Among the candidates there are names known to the public where the names of the former chairwoman of the CEC Lefterije Lleshi and that of the former general prosecutor Theodhori Sollaku stand out.

Hysen Osmanaj has applied for commissioner at the CEC, deputy commissioner, the Regulatory Commission and KAS;

Irsa Ruçi for CEC Commissioner and Regulatory Commission

Agim Paskali for KAS and the Regulatory Commission;

Ledio Braho, Arben Isaraj, Arens Çela, Spiro Maliqi, Redinale Beqiraj, Durim Grabova, Farie Osmani, Theodhori Sollaku, Eldrina Karafili, Lindita Tako and Lefterije Lleshi have applied for KAS.

The former chairwoman of the CEC has also applied for the vacant position in the Regulatory Commission.

The documents have been submitted to the Assembly.