President Ilir Meta has again appealed to political actors to strictly adhere to the June 5 agreement on electoral reform.

While publishing a graph with the ranking of Albania next to the countries of conflict for the number of asylum seekers in EU countries, Meta says that Albania does not deserve to be ranked among these countries!

Meta: Albania deserves only an European future! Enough with the Wrong Direction of Authoritarianism, Arrogance, Corruption and Stupidity, which is impoverishing and exhausting Albanians so much, forcing them to leave the country. The first step to return to Leadership it is necessary to respect point by point the Agreement of June 5 and not to deviate from it even a millimeter.

Meta appeals for the return of hope to the citizens, restoring sovereignty in the hands of the people by opening the lists 100% and fulfilling all EU conditions.

The political class still remains divided on the issue of opening lists and pre-election coalitions.

Meanwhile, the majority, on the other hand, is determined to advance this process according to its proposals, even without the consensus of the extra-parliamentary opposition.