President Ilir Meta has held an online meeting with health experts in the country. The head of state said that their concerns were realistic while adding that they require great attention from the government.

President Meta: I believe that many issues that were raised require attention, because the situation is dynamic and any reflection helps to anticipate future situations. To have as much control as possible, but at the same time to facilitate the management of the situation. For the safety of medicines because it is very important to be safe especially at this time. Or the problems of unifying prices for tests or various services so as not to leave room for private speculation at the moment with the health of citizens.

Meta said that these concerns that can be adapted and can be considered will be forwarded to the government.

President Meta: I do not think that all these issues can be resolved with an exchange of views for which I would like to thank everyone. All these concerns that we consider realistic as we take into account the government’s strategies and WHO recommendations, we will again forward to the government what we deem that can be adapted and can be taken into account.