The Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court are still only on paper, being used as ping pong between institutions for mutual accusations. A day after the Socialists appealed to the President for cooperation, even setting the end of the year as the deadline for setting up the two courts, Ilir Meta points the finger at the KED and the HJC.

In a letter addressed to the Assembly, the KED, the HJC and the People’s Advocate, he accuses the heads of the new justice bodies of legal anomalies in the process of filtering candidates for the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court.

In these conditions, KED is required to continue working with full commitment and without being influenced by various actors, in order to complete all procedures within September 2020, for the three vacancies belonging to the President and the Assembly, avoiding any unconstitutional decision-making that would impose a reaction and cause irreparable consequences to this vital process for the country.

Meta even casts doubt on why in Wednesday’s meeting of KED only 4 candidates are examined, where for the vacancy of the President there are 10 names.

Such a division, in addition to having strong legal implications for the activity of KED, raises doubts about a premeditated selective process and deliberate delay in this process.”

The Head of State does not see any change in the procedures followed by KED, even after Dvoran’s departure.

“KED returned to the old practice, openly violating the Constitutional provisions, excluding the institution of the People’s Advocate from the meeting of August 21, 2020. This is an even more serious anomaly, which is related to other actions, shows that KED It is very close to slipping back into lawlessness.”

Ardian Dvorani’s request to participate in the Council meetings has again worried Ilir Meta. The President even warns KED that the review of this request is unconstitutional.

“Inclusion in the agenda and consideration of an issue that is essentially resolved and that is not the competence of the KED. First of all, it is a violation of competencies and constitutes a violation of the provisions of the Constitution and the law, which brings legal implications for the members of KED, as well as for the decision-making of this body. “

In his letter, the Head of State expresses great dissatisfaction with the HJC, according to which for 2 years he has proposed only 3 names for appointment to the High Court. Finally, Meta warns that any deliberate action to block the functioning of both the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court requires the holding of legal responsibilities by every official.