The President of the Republic Ilir Meta is holding an online meeting with some doctors regarding the pandemic situation in the country.

During his speech, Dr. Petrit Vasili said that the government has not taken appropriate measures to prevent infection.

Petrit Vasili:The foundation of the thing remains for the whole system to have a deconcentration of the situation. The so-called line of fire, located at the University Hospital Center, is a fire line placed incorrectly. We are dealing with a pandemic, not an epidemiological outbreak. It should not be limited in space and time.

If we do not accept the pandemic, in the totality of the masses, but start from detached masses, it will happen that we take measures that do not limit the pandemic, arouse distrust and do not make the population in solidarity with us. France on November 4 registered 58 thousand cases. Took the measures of a certain lockdown and France had yesterday had 4500 cases. Measures must be effective in limiting the pandemic. Measures like these taken so far, from 27 cases that were the peak, in 835 cases, 40 times more, are measures that are both wrong and unconsulted and that do not help the pandemic.”