President Meta wished Albania Independence Day through a Facebook post.

Meta writes that one should work to protect the flag as an expensive symbol, to fly proudly on the ground.

Meta: Happy National Flag Day, Albania’s Independence Day! To work and commit every day to protect our sacred and unifying symbol, to wave proudly in these lands, pure and untouched, just like the blood shed for it, by the daughters and best sons of the nation.

108 years are enough to prove the maturity and seriousness of a modern state, to fulfill without delay the popular aspiration and mission launched on November 28, 1912, by Ismail Bey Vlora and all the fathers of Independence, to make Albania like all of Europe. Congratulations on November 28 of Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu, Ismail Qemali and Isa Boletini! God bless the National Flag and Albanians everywhere!