The President of the Republic Ilir Meta returns the law that extends the term of the concession of the airport “Mother Teresa” by 13 years.

In a press conference, President Meta described the law on the international airport “Mother Teresa” as unconstitutional.

The head of state stated that no additional contract had been published in order to conceal the procedure.

“I will point out some of the violations of this asset in relation to the violations that have been committed. The draft law was made on January 27, where and why there was no expedited procedure, it entered into force.

An agreement that has been signed and drafted between the government and the concessionaire and within a day the approval of this important agreement has been made while the law commission has reviewed it on February 4 and approved in plenary session on February 8, you see how urgently this law has been adopted.

This is an agreement made in a hurry that extends the term of Rinas airport. Today there are three years left from this contract and the government without any agreement has extended another 13 years to this contract. Without waiting and without opening any competition”, said Meta, among others.