President Ilir Meta has dedicated the difficult economic situation of Albanians. Meta refers to IMF forecasts.

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The International Monetary Fund’s October forecast is extremely worrying. Albania predicts the highest economic downturn in the region. As a result, the decline in per capita income is among the highest.

Albanian citizens will not only become poorer, but will also have a higher debt burden to pay.

Specifically, per capita income for Albania in 2020 is projected to reach 4898 USD/capita, while: in Montenegro at 7933 USD/capita, in Serbia at 7497 USD/capita, In Northern Macedonia at 6019 USD/per capita.

Poverty will also be accompanied by an increase in the debt burden. According to the forecast of the International Monetary Fund, the level of public debt at the end of 2020 (not counting the numerous liabilities of the Government) will reach about 83.3% of Gross Domestic Product.

While Per capita Income in 2020 will decrease to about $ 425 compared to 2019, Public Per capita Debt will increase to $ 373 compared to 2019. In 2020 Per capita Income will decrease to $ 4898 USD compared to $ 5323 USA in 2019. While Public Debt per capita will increase to $ 4079 USA, compared to $ 3606 USA in 2019. These data clearly show that the increase in Public Debt is not addressing economic growth and growth per capita income, but instead is deepening unemployment and poverty in the country.