President Ilir Meta comments on the majority law on limiting the powers of the president.

Asked by the journalist at the press conference, he replied:

There is no unconstitutional law by an unconstitutional parliament like the one that is currently preventing the president from fulfilling his mission in defense of the constitution and political pluralism. The majority has tried it with president 3 with zero. Despite lobbying and despite billions.

Do not turn the battle with the president because this is the president of the people of March 2nd and not of the SMI or the opposition.

The people of March 2nd are there. It has been added and still wants to be distributed. I say solve it democratically. They want to disperse before April 25, not knowing where to go to try it. I am here. They want to fire me to come here and try it.

Let’s see who will fire each other. The president has respected the Constitution, not the coup. No one is afraid in this country, the frightened are afraid.