Agron Duka’s Agrarian Environmentalist Party of Albania strongly condemns the Prime Minister Edi Rama, who not only does not make the necessary transparency but adds fuel to the fire of public debates in Albania.

While the Greek parliament is at work and unanimously cheers for a victory of Greece, the Albanian parliament continues the holidays, perhaps even within the new coastline of Greece.

Rama with his lack of Transparency and Responsibility for the sea agreement with Greece, dividing the unanimous attitude of the Albanians is creating great costs for the country.

Rama, instead of aiming at unifying the official position of official Tirana for a final solution of the agreement that dragged on for 11 years for the sea, divides and ironizes the opposition and each of his opponents in this case,” AEP wrote in a press release.

AEP says that Rama should urgently request the meeting of the Albanian Parliament and with maximum constitutional responsibility should clarify and guarantee the Albanians that this action of the Greek side does not violate any centimeter of the territorial law of Albania.

“The real guarantee of protecting our rights will be the final agreement on the sea with Greece.

The AEP also demands that “the president convene the National Security Council as necessary. While Rama based on the study and legal materials reviewed in this Council, the Albanian Parliament should make a legal explanation for the deputies and the Albanian people.”

It also underlines that the Albanian Parliament must adopt a resolution as the highest form of expression of Albania’s will to protect and respect the maritime borders and to reach a final agreement on the maritime border with Greece, as Greece, Egypt and Italy are doing with other border countries.

The EAP considers that relations with Greece but also with any other border country should aim to eliminate unnecessary crises only on the basis of international law and mutual respect for all rights, where “sea rights” are unclear and unapproved at level two and many parties create premises for recurring quarrels and conflicts as is currently happening in the Mediterranean.