Prime Minister Edi Rama stated that there can be no agreement on the sea with Greece without the approval of President Meta.

Rama said that it is the president who signs the agreement and who then has the opportunity to send it and appeal it to the Constitutional Court.

Edi Rama: “There is no way to make an agreement when there is no sea, no signatures, no seals, when there are no procedures. The agreement goes from the negotiating group in the government, from the government to the president, the president has said he will take it to the Constitutional Court, and then it is ratified by the Constitutional Court in parliament. Whoever believes this is completely ignorant.”

From Vlora, where he attended the wreath-laying ceremony at the 1920 Vlora National War memorial, the prime minister said that if there was an agreement, President Meta would be aware.

Rama said that there is no agreement with Greece, and that negotiations have been suspended after the change of government in the neighboring country.

Edi Rama: “I am convinced that the president knows very well that he is wasting it. If there was an agreement, the president would definitely be aware of it. I repeat it once again for those who want to listen and not for those who fall into the clutches of those who do politics with whatever you can get your hands on. There is no agreement, negotiations with Greece have been suspended since the change of government in Greece, they have been suspended without any conclusion. We have not resumed negotiations with the new Greek government, which means we do not have an agreement yet.”

According to Rama, the statement of Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis confused everything, and that this story is becoming ridiculous and embarrassing.

Edi Rama: “The confusion of a statement by the Prime Minister of Greece of the Greek Prime Minister in the parliament, which has nothing to do with Albania, but has to do with the concept of the right to extend 12 miles where the territory allows. Which in the area between us and Greece is not physically possible. It has turned into a bait to fish. It’s a funny and embarrassing story. I don’t know what to say anymore. “