Minister Sander Lleshaj has confirmed the dismissal of the Minister of Interior.

He said this during a meeting in Vlora where he presented the new forces “Shiponja”

Lleshaj said that no post is permanent and that it is certain that he will no longer be a minister.

Lleshaj: I will not be a permanent member of the government, it is certain that I will no longer be a minister. None is permanent in a post.

Lleshaj also spoke about the work of OFL and the fight against crime in the country, as well as the cultivation of cannabis.   

Lleshaj: OFL in Vlora, there are hundreds of properties, crime assets that have already been seized and court decisions are expected for them, and then will be put in the service of the people.

It is a success story which gives the clear message of fatal blow to crime. Vlora no longer tops the cannabis production and cultivation lists. The cultivation of cannabis has received great blows throughout the country, one of them is Vlora where it is clearly seen in the amount of narcotics seized.

Improvement of all indicators that measure the performance of police work. The goal is the determined fight against crime. Therefore, there is a first-hand need for the police to be equipped, trained, etc.

Meanwhile the new challenge will be fighting crime even where it has not been a strong tradition. Mainly in the field of cybercrime and economic crime. While inviting young graduates in relevant sectors to join the ranks of the police.

Earlier in the activity held in Vlora, the general doctor of the state police, in the presentation of the new structure “Eagle”, was present the head of the State Police, Ardi Veliu.