After the leader of the opposition, the President of the Republic Ilir Meta also responds to the latest tweet of the Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Calling him the “Prophet of the Popcorn”, Meta urges the prime minister to let go of the stale jokes and to respect the June 5 agreement, which the head of state calls historic.

According to Meta, the head of the minority, as he labels Rama, there is no forum or stunt that saves him from April 25th.

“Let the poppy prophet leave the stale jokes and respect every point and comma of the Historic Agreement of June 5.

The head of the minority minority, has no formula and stunt that saves him from April 25th.

But the United Opposition is still to blame for this serious psychological situation. That she learned badly by leaving the field empty to capture 100% of the powers “, writes Meta in his reaction.