The head of state, Ilir Meta, says that he has no interest in the draft law drafted by the majority for the powers of the President.

From Bylis he told reporters that this is a coup attempt by an illegitimate parliament, which citizens ask every day to dissolve.

Meta: I have zero interest in any draft or coup attempt. You know that this is an unconstitutional Parliament, when I go out and meet the citizens I am asked for its immediate dissolution. It is a parliament of coup plotters but unfortunately a good part of them are traitors and mercenaries. For me there is only one interest, April 25, is the people of Albania.

I have started my march as President of Albania towards the referendum of April 25 and this will be a very clear referendum as over 95% of Albanians will vote for Albania in Europe, and you know very well that this is an issue that is already set.

The Socialist Party will once again test the support of the new parliamentary opposition.

This time it is the law on the powers of the President that will require at least 83 votes in the session.

The Special Commission set up to draft the law on the Presidency has drafted a clear definition of how the Head of State should act.

But Adnor Shameti says it has nothing to do with the restrictions or privileges of the Head of State.

In fact, the draft, which Ora News has at its disposal, comes at the height of the clashes between the President and the Prime Minister.

But even after Meta’s decision to cancel the local elections of June 30 or the election of members of the Constitutional Court, where even at this point we are dealing with a constitutional regulation.

Not a few times, President Meta has reacted harshly to the majority, talking about violations of the Constitution.

There were even calls for reaction through the expressions “Today, or never!”