On Monday, April 27, 2020, Kosovo commemorates the Day of the Missing Persons of the War.

Incumbent Prime Minister Albin Kurti, through a Facebook post, has warned that there will be no amnesty for crimes committed by Serbs during the war in Kosovo.

He states that clarifying the fate of missing persons during the last war will be the first issue in the next Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.

Thousands of Albanians, including the elderly, women and children, who were killed by Serbian police and army during the war in Kosovo, were transported by truck and buried in mass graves in Syria in order to lose track of the crime.

Most of the Serbs responsible have not been brought to justice for these heinous crimes, while some of them still hold positions in Serbian institutions.

According to official figures, there are also over 1,600 people from Kosovo, most of them Albanian civilians, whose fate remains unresolved.

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The anniversary of the Meja Massacre where 376 Albanians were killed and disappeared, but also the Day of Missing Persons, declared in honor of the victims of the Meja massacre and all those missing as a result of the Kosovo War, reminds us that we have many wounds of open.

Currently, there are 1641 missing persons. It is the families of 1641 people who continue to live in the anxiety of waiting, 1641 families whose suffering has lasted for more than two decades. Children, now grown up with the expectation of an answer. Elders who have no knowledge of the fate and location of their heirs.

It is said that time heals wounds, but this statement fails in the families of the missing. The time just comes to deepen the wounds, fade the hope and aggravate the pain for these family members.

It is not possible to build the future without properly closing the past. We have an obligation to do all we can to remove this missing justice, making the issue of missing persons the first issue in the next Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.

There is no amnesty – but only justice.

Because we all miss them!