The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, considered criminal the calls of the SMI chairwoman Monika Kryemadhi in Kombinat, and other representatives of the opposition, who ask the citizens to live in the apartments damaged by the earthquake, endangering their lives.

Telling people to stay in a building that could collapse is ridiculous and irresponsible,” the mayor would say.

But the answer of the Chief was not lacking.

During a meeting in unit number 2 in Tirana, the chairwoman of the SMI said that none of the residents in Kombinat and Vora should leave their apartments without first having a contract with the state that provides them with the return of apartments where they had them.

Here from unit number 2, I again call on the residents of Kombinat and Vora. Not to leave their homes and not to vacate their property without having a contract with the Albanian state that undertakes to return their homes to the places where they had them. Because they are the owners of their apartments that Edi Rama will destroy and they are the owners of the land where the palaces were built since 1952. They were built by their parents and grandparents as they built the textile factory“, said Kryemadhi.

Regarding Veliaj’s statements, Kryemadhi did not spare the accusations against the mayor of Tirana and the prime minister Edi Rama.

If the palaces are demolished without them having a bilateral contract between the residents and the state, their assets will disappear and will be deleted from the cadastral registers. Just as he wiped out the properties of hundreds of thousands of other citizens, just as he wiped out the properties of the Vlora coast.

Because all Albanians should know that 15 mortgage managers have been replaced in Vlora for 10 months just because the properties of Albanians are stolen. Today, he will steal the properties of the citizens of Kombinat, Vora, Shijak, Farka and others and so on. Not only that, but lying and cheating with the reconstruction fund.

Erion Veliaj has announced the reconstruction fund of 70 million euros for the Kombinat, on what plan, on what project, how many buildings will be built, how many families will be reimbursed, how many families will be given apartments. He said he would take the pupilites to Vaqarr.

Only 1/3 of the apartments that will be built in Vaqarr will be for the residents 2/3 will be businesses. Well, this is happening in an area that is the bastion of the Socialists who voted for the Socialist Party. And who is the reward today?

Lift your belongings, cut off the water, cut off the lights and leave the property of your parents who washed it with blood”, declared Monika Kryemadhi.