SMI chairwoman Monika Kryemadhi commented on the first national poll conducted for the April 25 elections by RTV Ora & Notto.

She was present at a meeting with the residents of Vora in Tirana.

Kryemadhi said that for the SMI the best poll is meeting with people and talking to them, while adding that he is very optimistic.

Kryemadhi: Today we must call on the citizens to go to the ballot box to punish by vote those who lied, those who robbed their property, those who mistreated them and to evaluate with a vote that was found near them in difficult moments, the one who has kept the promises in their relationship.

The best survey is meeting people, the best survey is talking to them and taking the responsibilities of each of us to the citizens. Albanian citizens are smarter than Albanian politicians, that if the latter were smart, Albania today would be a member of the EU, while Albanian citizens are themselves part of Europe, they are Europeans, they love Europe, but fortunately bad those political conjunctures have made us sometimes take the wrong direction, as it happens today that they want to manipulate public opinion.

So I am optimistic that our meetings and conversations not only lower the SMI to the ground to really see what is happening, but give it even more opportunities, expand its space and range not only with intellectuals and professionals, but also with people who have contributions to society, to the community, that political parties really need.