SMI chairwoman Monika Kryemadhi presented today 153 candidates with whom she will be included in the parliamentary race on April 25 in all 12 regions.

According to her, the list has the lowest average age of competitors of other parties, as she expressed confidence that the opposition will win the election.

In the capital this force seems to be aiming for three terms. While the surprise is the ranking at the end of the deputy chairwoman of the SMI in the capital, Brisida Shehaj.

It is noticed that there have been large movements of some of the most important figures of the party, where the deputy chairman Luan Rama was sent first to Vlora.

Tirana is already “armored” with Klajda Gjosha, Erisa Xhixho, Petrit Vasili or Përparim Spahiu.

The mayor himself will run in three constituencies in Tirana, Elbasan where he came out mandated in the 2017 elections and in Fier. In all three counties will be the first.


36 deputies will be elected in the capital. Because the system is half open, Shehaj intends to capture 10 thousand votes to break the ranking signed by the chairwoman of the SMI.

The CEC has also submitted the names and small or new parties, thus starting the official competition. The lists were submitted today to the Central Election Commission.