The chairwoman of the SMI, Monika Kryemadhi, was today in a meeting with the youth of YMI, as she spoke at length about all their problems.

During her speech, Kryemadhi called on Albanian youth to react against the reality where they live, while adding that the SMI will be near them as an opportunity to raise their voice.

Kryemadhi: Young people, on the contrary, have to react and the way to react is very simple. Take their destinies into their own hands. To be part of the decision-making today does not mean to support a party leader, to be part of the decision-making means to have a vision, to have ideas and to realize them.

Therefore, today here, from the Corps of the University of Tirana, today here from Mother Teresa Square, where with her blessing to bless this wonderful youth, to bless your families, but also your friends, to enlighten your mind and heart , to continue to fight to realize not only your dreams, but to create your families in Albania.

Make Albania your home. The SMI will be your rostrum, not only to speak and raise your voice, but it will be your rostrum to make your decisions, to be involved in decision-making, to be involved in policy-making, to change this bitter reality and move forward.