Prime Minister Edi Rama does not give up the so-called “Anti-Defamation” Law

In a joint press conference with Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde, Prime Minister Edi Rama announced that the changes proposed by the Venice Commission are being adapted.

Edi Rama: The law has been consulted with the OSCE and approved by the OSCE, and the recommendations of the Venice Commission are being adopted. The law will be passed not to silence journalists but to create a much more ethical environment where everyone can speak but those who are victims of baseless attacks have the opportunity to defend themselves.

Question from the journalist: Are you proud that during this period you are passing a law that impedes the freedom of the media and you have made constitutional changes and amendments to the Electoral Code unilaterally?

Edi Rama replied: Yes I am!

Journalists at the conference had focused questions on the so-called “anti-defamation” law

They even asked for a comment from the Swedish Foreign Minister, who underlined that the government should continue consultations with journalists. This, apparently irritated the Albanian Prime Minister who translated the answer from English into Albanian.

Ann Linde: Sweden is an open defender of media freedom. It is important for the government to discuss with journalists and civil society.

Edi Rama: From my point of view, the law offers the opportunity to defend themselves when they are attacked and without finding it when we were talking about this law, the biggest support came from business because they are blackmailed every day. We sent the law to the Venice Commission.

The Commission did not say that the law is contrary to democratic principles, but gave recommendations that we will address one by one, because in this jungle of misinformation, attacks on people’s personalities and ill-education of young people through daily violations of media ethics, at least the individual to have the right to bring to justice anyone who attacks or hides behind anonymity and falls for people as if they were worthless.

It’s very easy. I suggest you watch the movie “Social Dilemma” and then we will discuss it “