Investigations For The Head Of OFL/ Artan Shkëmbi Held The Highest Security Certificate

Investigations For The Head Of OFL/ Artan Shkëmbi Held The Highest Security

Artan Shkëmbi, the suspended head of OFL, will appear today before the Court Against Corruption and Organized Crime to get acquainted with the security measure.

The decision was expected to be taken yesterday but at the request of the accused and his lawyer Artan Broci was postponed to today.

The deputy director of OFL has been suspended from duty, as he is accused of deconstructing OFL operations and corruption. German authorities informed the SPAK that a senior Albanian police officer had leaked the secret. For this reason, the SPAK requested the Special Court to suspend the Deputy Director of Operation Rule of Law, Artan Shkëmbi.

According to investigations launched by SPAK, Shkëmbi has used a coded program to send messages regarding a drug trafficking investigation launched in Germany, extending to Albania.

According to the investigation, it turns out that he used the paid program to extract information about the case in question.

In February of this year, when Shkëmbi was also a candidate for the head of the National Bureau of Investigation, the External Evaluation Commission identified problems regarding the property criterion but also in the purity of the figure where Shkëmbi turns out to have been an operating employee in the former -Security of the State and that it has not correctly filled in the decriminalization form.

Purity of Image - “There are no denunciations against him or criminal proceedings. There is information that he was an employee of the former State Security. From the verifications performed, it turns out that he was an operational employee in the former State Security. He did not fill in the declaration form correctly ".

Professional skills - “The level of education corresponds to the task. Job ratings over the years are positive. Career advancement is made according to the legislation."

But despite these, the KJV confirmed Artan Shkëmbi in office.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Evaluation Commission stated that Artan Shkëmbi held the highest security certificate, CSP, level "Top Secret", issued by the Directorate of Security of Classified Information, with the letter dated 10.07.2019, reports Ora News.

Directorate of Classified Information Security, with letter no. * prot, dated 10.07.2019, confirms that the citizen Artan Pajo Shkëmbi is equipped with a CSP security certificate, level "Top Secret", valid from 25.09.2018 to 24.09.2023; Law enforcement institution with letter no. ** prot, dated 5.8.2019, classified as secret, informs the Commission that after the verifications performed for Artan Pajo Shkëmbi and his family connection mentioned in the letter, he does not have data; The General Directorate of State Police, with letter no. ** prot, dated 11.7.2019, the level of classification "Secret", informs the Commission that after the verifications it turns out that for the citizen Artan Shkëmbi and persons according to family ties are not registered for criminal activity.