Interruption Of Flights, Meta Worried: Government To Find Solutions, Ignoring The Demands Of Controllers Is Not Right

Interruption Of Flights, Meta Worried: Government To Find Solutions, Ignoring

President Ilir Meta expresses concern over the situation that is developing with the interruption of air services.

"Interruption of work for monitoring and control of Air Traffic by Albcontrol controllers is not a solution.

Airspace security in the Republic of Albania is a matter of national security ", notes President Meta, adding that he has publicly and officially warned all responsible institutions of the Government that they should take concrete measures to resolve this issue.

"Ignoring the requests of the controllers is not right" says Meta while drawing attention to the fact that none of the responsible institutions has shown sincerity and readiness to discuss in time with the members of the Union of Air Traffic Controllers their concerns.

In the Facebook post, Meta reiterates once again that it is necessary that:

- The controllers must remain in office without any interruption and fulfill their mission to guarantee the proper functioning and without any problems of the control of the Albanian air traffic;

- At any time and without interruption to guarantee the quality and scope of work of "Albcontrol" for the administration and control of the airspace of the Republic of Albania for civil and military air flight, in accordance with internationally accepted standards;

- The Republic of Albania, as a NATO member country, has the responsibility and obligation to ensure that its airspace is considered safe at all times for air flights;

No risk should be allowed for the violation of the security and good circulation of the airspace in the Republic of Albania, especially in the conditions when in a few days in Albania will begin the preparation and development of the joint exercise of the forces of the member countries of the Atlantic Treaty Organization of the North and the partner countries of this organization "Defender Europe 21", from where it is expected that air traffic in our country will increase significantly, both in military and civil flights. "

Meta closes his post by calling on the government and the Governing Bodies of "Albcontrol" to seriously and very carefully evaluate the requests of the auditors, the official positions of the ATCEUC-Air Traffic Controllers and the European Union Coordination, to find a solution referring to the best practices of neighboring countries, for the treatment of air traffic controllers in this time of global crisis caused by Covid-19, where first of all the priority should be to ensure the safety of flights in the Albanian airspace

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