The Speaker of the Assembly, Gramoz Ruçi, acquainted the EU member states with the action plan for fulfilling the priorities set by the Council of the European Union. Ruçi sent this document to his counterparts of the Parliaments and Senates of the member states of the Union to inform them about the steps and the commitment of the Albanian Parliament on the path of integration.

He points out that the Assembly is making a key contribution to the European path of our country, guaranteeing democratic legitimacy and legal and political control of the process and compliance of laws with EU standards, guaranteeing a better quality of national legislation.

The Speaker wants to convince the states that the Albanian Parliament is also committed to supporting important reforms in the framework of Albania’s European integration, such as electoral reform and justice reform.

At the end of his letter, Ruçi demands that the support of the parliaments of the member states continue until the opening of negotiations between Albania and the EU.

Electoral reform and the establishment of the Constitutional Court are two of the most important conditions that our country must meet to go to the first intergovernmental conference.