SMI chairwoman Monika Kryemadhi appeared today in a conversation with journalists from the headquarters, while talking about incinerators in Tirana, Fier and Elbasan.

Kryemadhi said that the 8 million euros thrown for the incinerator in Fier were not necessary, adding that with this money the oil workers could be paid.

Kryemadhi: In the municipality of Mbrostar, where not only is it now over 8 million euros have been thrown that were not absolutely necessary because they would be necessary to pay the salaries of oil workers because that is the budget of salaries of oil workers of the oil refinery. Meanwhile, the Elbasan incinerator not only does not work at full capacity, but can not do even 100 days in 3 years from the moment it was inaugurated until today.

The chairwoman of the SMI continued talking about the incinerator in Tirana or the corrupt construction affair in Tirana.

In order not to continue with the payment of the value of 23 million euros that are for the incinerator in Tirana or not to continue in the corrupt affair that today all builders in Tirana to open construction holes and why pay the tax of 8% in The Municipality of Tirana and why they pay the 3% tax for the homeless in Tirana or in the service of the Municipality of Tirana have an amount of several thousand euros for the soil that is removed from the pit to give to a private company and then when he wants they need it again to recover and refill the holes they have to repurchase it again.

So we can call a corrupt act direct, a conflict of interest, a fine imposed on Albanian business in such a way as to take it directly into the pockets of people who have connections not only with politics, but also with state institutions.” said Kryemadhi.