How Veliaj "Bought" The Voices Of Artists Against, 3.54 Billion ALL Projects In Times Of Pandemic

How Veliaj "Bought" The Voices Of Artists Against, 3.54 Billion ALL

The collapse of the National Theater has not only brought emotional costs or even political debates.

Exactly in the year when the mayor got involved in a big clash with the artists and the public, the funds given for cultural projects were increased. It even turns out that many of the names initially against demolition turned into pro.

But in the projects financed by the municipality, many of the names that already appear and in the campaign with Veliaj turn out to have received funds.

Although in pandemics, with closed activity halls and ceremony bans and when people were in a financial crisis, the municipality awarded the highest value for the projects.

More than ALL 2.54 billion was distributed to the artists from the initial fund and then with an additional 1 billion in September.

Is this action an example of how Veliaj can buy the voices he had against?

But not only that, in June 2020 the Municipal Council decided to approve the composition of the artistic-cultural council at the Municipality of Tirana for a period of 2 years, which included the voices that had previously come out against it.

The television already has the complete file with the funding provided by the municipality, but also how the artists are being used in the campaign.

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