Prime Minister Edi Rama said during the press conference from the “Air Albania” stadium that Albania has been a successful country in the fight against Covid-19.

Rama said that the authorities have been attentive in this battle and have analyzed every data throughout this time.

Rama: If you find a country today from the USA, France, Britain, Sweden, you will get the answer to the question you ask, come on. When will it end with the vaccination date. If you find one we will be the second to give the answer.

I am telling you that as it has happened from the first day until today, both with the vaccination strategy and the plan, you can not find a place that has any difference from the point of view of conception by us.

Not that we are better, but that we are much more attentive, analyze and do not sleep much. It is a whole group of people from the first day they deal with this work. Day and night they collect data, put it on the table, analyze it and come to a conclusion.

There are countries that are more developed than us, but do not have our modesty to learn and be aware every day. This is why Albania has been successful in this war.