Grida Duma Sues Veliaj: Enough With Tricks Thrown In The Air, To Prove The Accuracy Of His Slanders

Grida Duma Sues Veliaj: Enough With Tricks Thrown In The Air, To Prove The

The Democratic Party has sued the mayor Erion Veliaj for defamation.

In a public appearance for the media, Ms. Duma said that they addressed the court because according to her, the mayor Erion Veliaj has the obligation to prove what he says.

The Duma further added that the compensation goes up to 3 million ALL, while according to her this ALL will go to the state.

"Erion Veliaj to prove the accuracy of his defamation.

The law provides that it is the duty of the declarant to prove the veracity of statements, declarations or defamation that he himself makes.

The legal provision provided in the Criminal Code, that the foreseen damage will go up to 3 million ALL depending on what the Court will decide in final form. I declare that this damage will go to the Albanian state and no one else. What we are here today is that justice is not just a judgment, justice is faith, the value of the word in politics is everything to rebuild Albania and trust in institutions.     

We are here today because we believe that the institutions are put into operation by doing the right thing, leading and directing them, and by giving them the political support for justice to start the trial.

I believe that this will be a long way in rebuilding democratic institutions, we will throw a brick to show that more with the frauds thrown in the air, with people left under the bridges, outside the environment and opportunities to build Albania , more and more frauds that damage and destroy Albania, institutions and people's lives.

The value of the word is everything in politics, everything in our lives."

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