The Minister of Interior, Sander Lleshaj, spoke about the appointment of Gjovalin Loka and Artan Shkëmbi after passing the vetting.

They are accused of collaborating with state security.

Lleshaj said that he is responsible for the appointment of Loka, since he himself appointed him.

He also said that he is responsible for it and has maximum appreciation for his work. Regarding the accusations of the opposition, the minister said that he did not respond to their statements.

Sander Lleshaj: “Of course I am responsible. I do not give an answer to the opposition, their statements are baseless. Gjovalin Loka is a senior head of the State Police, he has contributed to the security of this country. He has successfully passed the vetting process, and is on top of the task. “

The statement of Minister Lleshaj came from Korça where he participated in the presentation of the new police forces that have been added to the ranks of the Border Police, the Eagle forces, which were added with 50 new staff.