While the member states of the European Union are giving the final touches to the framework of negotiations with Albania, Germany, as the country holding the rotating presidency of the bloc, asked the institutions to meet the conditions set by the EU Council.

It was the German Ambassador to Albania, Peter Zingraf, who with a message on the 30th anniversary of the unification of Germany, called on political parties and institutions to move forward with reforms in a firm and credible manner.

The conditions that the EU Council has set for Albania on its journey were prepared last year by the German Bundestag and were unanimously accepted in the country as a ‘Roadmap’ for the Albanian reform calendar: Fulfilling the conditions is in the essential interest to the Albanians themselves in shaping the future of their country. I therefore call on all those who bear political responsibility, as well as all relevant institutions, to jointly implement this national priority and move forward with reforms in a firm and credible manner. Only then will people be able to regain the necessary trust in politics and justice.” says Zingraf in his message.

One of the conditions set by the EU Council is the consensus adoption of the Electoral Code.

Here, Ambassador Zingraf considers the holding of free, fair and peaceful elections on April 25, 2021, to be of central importance for the country’s political future, and he does not forget to call for the implementation of the June 5 agreement.

Free, fair and peaceful elections on April 25, 2021 are central to the political future of the country, which is facing significant challenges: reconstruction after the earthquake, managing the consequences of Corona, launching and shaping talks of EU membership.

The next steps in implementing the agreement on the Electoral Code reached at the Political Council on 5 June must go further in a constructive spirit of inclusiveness. The time until the election is short, much remains to be done,” said Zingraf.

The 30th anniversary of the unification of Germany was greeted by President Ilir Meta.

In a letter to counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Meta expressed deep gratitude for Germany’s strategic approach in support of further enlargement of the European Union to the Western Balkans, as well as its substantial contribution to this year’s European Council political decision to open membership negotiations for Albania.

The Speaker of the Assembly Gramoz Ruçi in a letter sent to the President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble, while congratulating on the 30th anniversary of the reunification of Germany, expressed confidence that the membership negotiations will be opened during the German Presidency.