After today’s decision of the Court of Lezha, which, among others, sentenced the former mayor Fran Frrokaj to 4 years in prison, comes the reaction of the General Secretary of the Democratic Party, Gazment Bardhi.

Through a post on Twitter, Bardhi speaks with superlatives about Frrokaj’s work at the head of the Municipality of Lezha, while inviting the judiciary to stay away from political influences.

Bardhi’s full reaction:

We just got acquainted with the court decision for the former mayor of Lezha, Mr. Fran Frrokaj. We are convinced of the excellent work he has done for Lezha and its citizens, as we express the belief that Mr. Frrokaj has worked every day with dedication and honesty.

The trial in the first instance lacked transparency and strong indications of inappropriate political interference. We are also informed that Mr. Frrokaj will appeal the decision.

We express the conviction that the judgment at the highest levels of this matter will bring to light the truth. We call on the judiciary to stay away from the influence of politics in this process and to do justice.”