Fatmir Mediu in a meeting with the PR coordinators in unit no. 10 in Tirana, made a reflection of the main problems of the country as a result of the pandemic. Hoping for a stabilization of the situation in figures, Mediu noted that there is a significant lack of investment in the health sector.

“We hope that this pandemic will pass as soon as possible, with less pain, less suffering and fewer victims, this is important. Given another very important fact that unfortunately there has been no substantial investment in Albanian health to cope with such situations“, said Mediu.

On the other hand, the head of PR underlined that the expenses for the treatment of covid 19 are very heavy costs for the pockets of Albanians.

The costs for each family or individual for the pandemic are extraordinary costs, which exceed the financial possibilities of many citizens“, said Mediu.

Mediu accused the Rama government of failing, emphasizing the gaps in Albanian institutions and the non-functioning of a normal state.

“We are in a moment where we do not have a normal functioning of the state, the institutions are almost non-existent, the judiciary is almost non-existent. On the other hand, the Parliament has turned into a ridiculous theater, comedy and tragedy at the expense of the Albanians.”

In such conditions, Fatmir Mediu called on the party coordinators to set in motion to identify all the problems in defense of free and fair elections.