The chairman of the Central Election Commission, Klement Zguri, resigns.

His resignation comes after the approval in the Assembly of the Special Commission for the new CEC bodies.

According to the amendments to the Electoral Code, it was up to Zguri to remain in office until the election of the State Election Commissioner.

The resignation letter is dated 18 September 2020 and has been submitted to the Assembly.

In this letter, Zguri expresses his concern and loudly underlines the urgent need for action.

“Despite the fact that the procedure for the election of new governing bodies has begun, there is no exact and certain date for the relay. Meanwhile, the CEC has ceased to function de-facto and has not met again, although there is a list of issues awaiting decision-making.

The situation created may be related to the loss of interest of the duty by the CEC members, but it may also be related to the further non-recognition of the authority of the outgoing institutional director. The situation requires a quick response, because the elections have been announced and the to-do list is too long.

Minimally the members should return to duty, maximally the new governing bodies should be elected immediately. As chairman, I have chosen the instrument of resignation as an instrument of awareness of the urgent need for action. The CEC needs guidance an hour in advance. Until then, the CEC members who represent the majority in the commission need to show commitment and stay in charge because they are the majority. “

We remind you that today at 16:00 the legal deadline for receiving applications from candidates for the new bodies of the Central Election Commission ends.

Zguri has been in charge of the central election body since May 2017. He has previously been a member of the CEC for a long period of time.

The new governing bodies are: the State Election Commissioner; Regulatory Commission; and the Appeals and Sanctions Commission

The list of candidacies does not include the name of the former chairwoman of the CEC, Lefteri Lleshi, or the former member proposed by the Democratic Party, Hysen Osmanaj. The list also included the councilor of the Socialist Parliamentary Group, Odeta Berberi.


1-Iris Ruci

2-Halil Hyseni

3-Hysen Osmanaj

4-Lefterije Lleshi

5-Arben Xhiku

6-Haki Mustafa


1-Hysen Osmanaj

2-Arben Xhiku

3-Haki Mustafa

Regulatory Commission

1-Iris Ruci

2-Agim Paskali

3-Hysen Osmanaj

4-Lefterije Lleshi

5-Odeta Berberi

6-Arens Cela

7-Anjeza Dajzmaili

8-Spiro Maliqi

9-Naim Mecalla

10-Durim Grabova

11-Arben Xhiku

12-Haki Mustafa

13-Lindita Tako

Appeals Commission

1-Agim Paskali

2-Hysen Osmanaj

3-Ledio Braho

4-Lefterije Lleshi

5-Arens Cela

6-Spiro Maliqi

7-Redinela Beqiraj

8-Durim Grabova

9-Farie Osmani

10-Theodhori Sallaku

11-Eldrina Karafili

12-Arben Isaraj

13-Lindita Tako /Ora News