The European Commission intends to invest up to 20 billion euros in the Western Balkans over the next decade, according to an investment plan seen by Radio Free Europe.

The draft document states that the priority will be the better ties of the economies of the Western Balkans, within the region, but also with the European Union.

Prime Minister Edi Rama stated that this investment was opened thanks to the vision of the regional Schengen, but added that to get these investments it takes a long way to win.

When you hear these billions, keep in mind that there are 7 seas between us and them. They are but they have different processes. We are finishing schools with the state budget, with our money and our savings to address a problem that we did not create. If we could not have the reconstruction, we would have had more for the covid. We are finishing schools, while the EU is starting schools because they have other procedures.

These billions relate to the mouth that fell to me, regional Schengen. If you read the previous text there are billions that a new vision has been opened with the vision of regional Schengen. It is regional Schengen that opens up this perspective today.

The money the world gives does not come here in sacks or suitcases or canoes. The money the world gives comes through procedures it gives itself. They do the studies themselves. They set the tenders themselves and supervise them themselves. And time is in their hands, not ours.