The Democratic Party states that the first week of school was an indication of failure and that the government was unprepared for hosting students and teachers in pandemic conditions.

None of the 103 schools collapsed and dozens were severely damaged for about 23,000 students and teachers.

About 80% of schools do not have hygienic conditions and poor school infrastructure does not create the conditions for the implementation of safety protocols.

Albana Vokshi: “This happened because in 8 years, the investments of this government in education have gone only for the facade, nothing for the real conditions that help students and teachers. Erion Veliaj has collected 25 million euros in taxes for school infrastructure in Tirana, but this money has not gone to improve the conditions of schools in Tirana.

With 25 million euros, at least 10 supermodern schools should have been built or all the schools in the capital should have been significantly transformed. They raise our taxes and then the taxes disappear without anyone being accountable where they go.

According to the DP, more than 50 teachers, educators and sanitary workers have been infected throughout the country since the first week.

Albana Vokshi:There are two large schools in Tirana with infected teachers.

“Ismail Qemali” Gymnasium, where the deputy director has resulted in COVID, infecting 2 other teachers. Everything was kept secret until a teacher was reported, while a limited number of teachers were tested.

At the gymnasium “Petro Nini Luarasi” there are more than 5 infected teachers, but the critical situation is kept secret.

At the “Jerodim De Rada” school, 10 teachers are infected and 12 others are quarantined

In Delvina there are 3 infected: 1 teacher, 1 kindergarten teacher and 1 sanitary.

In Saranda there are 9 teachers, educators and sanitary workers infected.

There are 12 infected teachers in Erseka.

There are also 4 teachers with Covid in Bulqiza, but the suspension of teaching has not been ordered as provided by the government guide.

Conditions are scandalous across the country. Dozens of schools lack thermometers as the most basic anticovid measures. “

The DP reiterates its call for teachers and educators to be massively tested without delay and to put aside demagogic propaganda.

“It is not a big investment in money, it is less than 2 million dollars, which provide national testing for COVID 19 and serological testing, whether or not teachers have passed the virus,” Albana Vokshi said in a statement to the media.