Former MP of the Democratic Party, Albana Vokshi in a direct link to the show ‘New Day on Ora News’, accuses Prime Minister Edi Rama of blackmailing teachers who dared to show the reality.

Citizen reaction is something that has been lacking in Albania in recent years, but this is due to pressure from political leaders of schools, directorates, ministry, prime minister. The Prime Minister accused, insulted, blackmailed the teachers who dared to speak. They came to the meeting with the Chairman of the Democratic Party not to do politics but to tell their problems about any difficulties they have in a school day, about the spread of Covid in schools where the level of spread has reached 30-50 %. Most of the teachers are in sick homes, they can’t even afford the expensive treatments,” said Vokshi.

Vokshi says teachers are being blackmailed and anyone who rebels is threatened with transfer to distant schools or being fired.

Some rebel but they are blackmailed, run away and hanged in remote places where they find it impossible to go for their own reasons. Or they can be fired. Most of the teachers are rebellious inside, they denounce, they write to us every day but they are blackmailed by the political leaders in the schools because instead of having depoliticized education we have politicized education.“- said among others the former PD deputy.