The Democratic Party has continued with the accusations against the Minister of Defense Olta Xhaçka.

Through a statement to the media from the blue headquarters, former MP Albana Vokshi has published a video where the minister appears as she returns to Tirana, according to her, after an electoral meeting in the district of Dibra.

According to the blue headquarters, this trip of Xhaçka has cost at least 10 thousand euros.

Albana Vokshi: A few days ago, the Democratic Party published pictures of the arrival of Olta Xhacka in Dibër by military helicopter for a meeting of the Socialist Party there, where she is delegated.

How did the Minister of Defense react? At first she was silent, but when our and the public pressure increased, she came out and cheated by saying she had not used the helicopter.

The truth is that Olta Xhaçka traveled by helicopter of the Ministry of Defense on Friday. The helicopter took him to Dibër, then returned to Tirana. Within the same day, he went to take over again the political leader of Dibra district for the Socialist Party, after he had meetings with the party structures, for political, electoral purposes, meetings that do not match the fulfillment of its functional duties.

Soon you will follow a video, which is published today for the first time.

It is only one of the evidences that the DP has and that proves that Olta Xhaçka lied to the Albanians.

She traveled by helicopter during the day for party meetings, spending at least 10 thousand euros, while the ambulances in front of the infectious disease are switched on with pushes.