Democratic Party spokeswoman Ina Zhupa denounced a case of violating anticovid rules in one of Tirana’s kindergartens.

Through a Facebook post, she writes that a child of a person infected with the coronavirus continues to go again to kindergarten No. 18 in Tirana despite the rules that prohibit this.

Zhupa writes that he is the child of an employee of the municipal unit no. 2 in Tirana which was positive, and consequently the director of this kindergarten has accepted it again.

She calls on the authorities to take action in this case and to stop violating the rules.

Facebook post:

Kindergarten No. 18, a public kindergarten in Tirana, depending on the Municipality of Tirana, accepts the children of an infected person of the municipal unit No. 2!

Kindergartens and nurseries are becoming hotbeds of infection in Tirana, more because of the irresponsibility of the leaders who have been dependent on him since Veliaj and his subordinates.

After the municipal unit No. 2 was closed after a person, whose name I could not publish, tested positive for Covid 19, his children go without any problems to kindergarten No. 18 in Tirana.

In our data, the director accepts them by order from above according to her expressions, as the parents have asked her not to accept them according to the rules for the safety of other children.

Wishing his children to enjoy full health, I call on the head of this kindergarten but also every kindergarten and other kindergarten in Tirana to follow the rules and not to accept any child who has a family member with Covid 19, remind them to be a child.