The Democratic Party has described as scandalous what is happening with the company Illyrian Guard, which according to the opposition, for a period of 1 year, based on Treasury data, has benefited from the state budget about 4 million dollars.

The Anti-Corruption Department in the Democratic Party states in a statement that currently this company has 500 employees for the security service and 72 employees of its administration, a number which is designed to increase.

According to the DP, the main goal of this scheme is far from that of increasing quality and reducing costs, but it is designed to serve a much larger and vital goal for the Prime Minister of PPP, in order to create a police political, which more than ever, will need and try to help them in the next elections.

According to the DP, this politicized structure, like the entire administration, is the best example of how this government has worked and still works.

According to the opposition, this private police, where only tenders are held and money is taken for corruption to be hired, is also a violation for state security.