The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, faced in Pristina the concern of the citizens of Kosovo for the abuse of prices on the Albanian coast.

While he has touched closely the entire coastline due to the tour launched to get acquainted with the concerns of tour operators, Basha said that Albania like any other country but faces difficulties due to the pandemic, but prices are not such as to keep away from Albanian vacationers from all Albanian territories.

Basha even underlined that local vacationers are seen as a salvation for the tourism sector, in terms of closing the borders, so his invitation was to go to Albania for vacation.

Basha: I want to invite all citizens of Kosovo to go to the beautiful beaches of Albania that are open, are the beaches of Kosovo and every citizen of the Republic of Kosovo. I had the opportunity to visit from Velipoja to Divjaka, Vlora and Saranda, not only the combination of summer heat with natural beauties but also the prices I saw there seem to me to be one more reason to approach you and not for you away from the Albanian coast.

Of course, the pandemic has brought its difficulties as anywhere in the world, but I can tell you that on the whole the Albanian tourist hospitality sector is more prepared and hospitable to vacationers. In these difficult times, unfortunately, we have the eyes of our brothers and sisters, whether the vacationers of Albania, vacationers from Kosovo, vacationers from Northern Macedonia have their doors open.

Of course I am worried about some things that I do not have in hand but that I assure you that tomorrow we will correct them such as the Nation Road tax. I repeat my invitation to the vacationers from Kosovo, I welcome you with open arms and I believe that they will do their best to feel at home along the entire coastline of Albania.

Basha made the statements at the joint conference with the Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, in the framework of his two-day visit to Kosovo at the invitation of Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti, with whom he had an earlier meeting.