While the Greek Prime Minister speaks with concrete figures about the expansion of Greece’s borders in the Ionian Sea, his Albanian counterpart does not have an official reaction but for all the reactions against on social networks he has responded through a status on Facebook.

While on his way to Vienna to resolve the Belarus Crisis through the language of dialogue, Edi Rama behaves differently with commentators on social media and his political opponents.

“Ignorantia non est argumentum, ignorance is not an argument,” say the Latins. The reason why the instigators of the attack on our agreement with Greece do not want the agreement has nothing to do with the truth of the agreement. It is simply, alone and sadly the cause of power struggle

Therefore, anyone who is interested in this issue does not have to become an accomplice to those who love the sea for their political appetites and who, without shame, feed ignorance with the poison of nationalism. The statement, completely correct, of Prime Minister Mitsotakis these days, is again feeding the lawsuit as an argument of betrayal of our government! “

The lack of attitude and official information of the government on this very sensitive issue, Edi Rama seeks to cover by blaming all those Albanians who have accused the Albanian sea of forgiving the state of Helen.

The sea border is not like a fence between two houses and when the Greek authorities say we will expand from 6 to 12 miles, this does not mean that Greece will swallow Albanian territorial waters, but that the neighboring country is simply exercising the right deriving from the Convention of the Sea.

I and the Socialist Party may have many shortcomings, we may make many mistakes, but we never, ever use power to the detriment of the national interest!”

The delimitation of the sea border with Greece, which remained pending, but returned to attention by Athens, has also worried President Ilir Meta, who from Vlora said that the Albanian state must respect the Constitutional Court.

Albanians must be sure that the President will always protect the Constitution. For the issue in question, he will respect the decision of the Constitutional Court and This should be done by all our institutions “, said Meta from Vlora.

President Meta was at the ceremony in the framework of the 100th anniversary of the Vlora War, held in Drashovica, where he awarded several prizes for outstanding patriots and was asked about the Albania-Greece naval agreement.

The Constitutional Court in 2010 annulled the maritime agreement with Greece, while the negotiations between Athens and the left-wing government in Tirana have not yet been finalized, despite the fact that several meetings with officials have been organized for several years.