The long-distance reply continues between the Democratic Party and the Minister of Interior, Sander Lleshaj, regarding the publication in “Boom” of the scandal with the relocation of citizens’ addresses.

Again through former MP Enkelejd Alibeaj, the blue headquarters considers the minister’s reaction a hoax.

According to him, Lleshaj’s ignorance is not an alibi to escape legal punishment.

Full response:


Sander Lleshaj after cheating again about the scandal of manipulating the civil status lists and voter lists!

As a defendant caught red-handed, I swore that the voter list would not change. And just like the defendants who carry the crime to the end, he confesses that he will move 300 thousand citizens from their place of residence.

Ignorance is not an alibi to escape legal punishment !!

The first lesson for any state official is: read the law, read the law and read the law!

For Lleshaj and all those who want to manipulate the voter lists, read Article 46 of the Electoral Code. It shows how voter lists are created: they are created from the CIVIL REGISTRY REGISTER, where the element of “residence” is essential !!