The Minister of Interior, Sander Lleshaj, has challenged the opposition deputies, regarding the accusations that he bought a vehicle worth 150 thousand euros.

During his speech in parliament, Lleshaj said that the official vehicle with which he moves has cost 45 thousand euros.

The minister said he would resign if it is proven that this tool was bought more than that.

Sander Lleshaj: “I want to tell you and the public that this media has reflected a scandalous, false fact, which says” a vehicle worth 100 million ALL was bought”, while it was followed by another dirtier media that this, he says is 150 thousand euros.

I am telling you with full responsibility that the vehicle purchased on behalf of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Albania, did not cost 150 thousand euros, did not cost 100 million, but cost only 49 thousand euros.

I challenge you to say so, if that tool did not cost 49 thousand euros, I resign here. If it cost 100 million, then you resign. Although you have resigned.”

According to Lleshaj, this is a scam, and that he owns only a ‘Honda’ type vehicle that he bought in 2010.

Sander Lleshaj: The media, to which you refer, does not deserve the name or the nickname “media”, as long as it is an instrument of public deception. I know this fact. I know for a fact that the media you are referring to has committed a public deception, which it has been insisting on criminally for several days.

For several days now, he has been deceiving the public in a scandalous way, saying that “Sander Lleshi has bought a vehicle”. I have a 2010 Honda vehicle, like Sander Lleshaj. This media has no right to rumble from behind the vehicles used by the Minister of Interior, which are not just one, there are several.”