Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha returns once again to the anti-Covid vaccination campaign in Albania, launched with much fanfare by Prime Minister Edi Rama.

With a quick comparison with the campaign launched by Turkey and the one in our country, Berisha ironically states that at this rate, Rama will need almost 200 days to vaccinate only the health personnel.

“This is called success! Turkey, 300,000 vaccinated per day, Albania 365 vaccinated in 5 days! Yesterday, Thief Edvin announced that 350 people have been vaccinated from the vaccine, which was smuggled into Albania illegally.

Reuters reports yesterday that Turkey has vaccinated over 600,000 people in the first two days. Thus, Albania with Thief Edvin will need 200 days to vaccinate only the medical staff. It’s not that he was the first to make the vaccine!” Berisha underlines with irony as he publishes the Reuters news, which talks about the progress of the vaccination process in some countries of the world.