The chairman of the Democratic Party continued the meetings and this time in the city of Laç.

In the meeting with the unemployed and damaged businesses in Laç, Basha accused the Prime Minister Edi Rama that we are destroying the country’s economy.

We have a battle ahead of us. It will not be easy but with the unification of Albanians it is not impossible” said Basha.

The municipality said the water supply and public enterprises have been turned into barns for militants who do not go to work every day.

Priority number 1 today – said Mr. Basha – is to save the budget of families from bankruptcy until April 25. After April 25, the return of the economy to the growth tracks and the expansion and empowerment of the middle class will be done together with the economic program of the Democratic Party government. Part of this program is the support plan for agriculture, which is the sector that employs more Albanians – said Basha.