Basha: Rama Will Bring Workers From Bangladesh, I Will Bring Investors From Germany

Basha: Rama Will Bring Workers From Bangladesh, I Will Bring Investors From

The Chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, talked to some young people of Vau i Dejës where he presented the 3 main pillars through which he will enable the Albanian youth to have all the opportunities to be educated and employed in their country with good salaries, with dignity and enjoy life and build here their future including family.

"He intends to bring workers from Bangladesh, while I am determined to bring investors from Germany, Austria, Europe to employ and keep the youth of Vau i Dejes, the youth of Shkodra, the youth of Albania, in their country, near their families "said Basha.

Another priority is to reduce taxes and promote a business-friendly climate.

"Albanians pay for oil the same way as Swedes and Singaporeans. We are in the 3 countries with the most expensive oil in the world. Electricity, since we are also near the end of the Drini cascade here, near the Vau i Dejes hydropower plant. We are close to the Vau i Dejes hydropower plant that produces endless energy, it is also public property, state property and again Albanians pay for energy as much as their hair.

Reducing taxes, promoting a business-friendly climate, contacting large European corporations for their own interests because they do not come for charity," said Basha.

The opposition leader reiterated that part of the plan is to create jobs with decent salaries for all students after graduation, which will be achieved in cooperation with the Alliance of European Universities.

Scholarship support will also be available for students who do not have the financial means to attend school.

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