DP leader Lulzim Basha has called Prime Minister Edi Rama an “enemy” of Albanians.

According to him, Rama is playing with the lives of Albanians, while accusing him of being a hostage of the mafia.

Lulzim Basha: “You can not escape this crisis, you can not hide behind your finger and do not invent excuses or propaganda jokes to give a simple answer why the number of tests does not increase.

Today a payment of 3 million euros from the treasury for a double cost contract for PPP on Arbri Street. 1.5 million euros were extorted from Albanians yesterday. How many masks could be purchased to protect health personnel, how many tests could be purchased and administered to avoid getting to this point which will get worse.

By inaction we are not dealing with an irresponsible government but an enemy of the health and life of Albanians. An enemy of the public interest of Albanians. In this battle, it is proved once again that the coronavirus is the number two enemy of human health because the number one enemy is the prime minister. Only an enemy of his own people can afford to have a plan on the table for 5 weeks to continue to abuse and steal and not give any account for why the number of tests does not increase.

This is not irresponsibility, but to open war on your citizens, to collect taxes and to steal from them.

You know I have long avoided labeling the opponent as an enemy.

4 weeks after the publication of the 5-point plan, the abandonment at this time by the government, today when Albanian patients are playing with life and death due to the collapse, I do not find in my logic any other word. This is pure enmity with Albanians, with the vital interests of the people, with their health.

He is a hostage of the mafia and he has put his head on the lives of Albanians, or that the fear of leaving power has made him like the dictators of North Africa”.

According to Basha, even today when the situation in the country is dire, the incinerator mafia continues to receive millions from government tenders.