Luzim Basha from unit number 9 in Tirana accused the prime minister and the mayor of Tirana that they are ready to sacrifice people’s lives on behalf of the mafia.

He talked to residents about the government plan after April 25, a day he considered a battle for families and all of Albania.

“Ndrangheta chooses Tirana because it has a prime minister and a mayor ready to sacrifice people’s lives for his own pockets.”

Lulzim Basha told the residents in unit number 9 in Tirana that he would return the state and the administration to their function, while he listened to them about the difficulties they face.

“We are paying for the children, we are paying for everything. We go out at 6 in the morning and return home at 10 in the evening, there is nothing left in this place. It’s over!”

The only one who is not doing his job is the prime minister and the government,” said the leader of the Democrats, while in his government’s plan he envisages an increase in the pension and the protection band for electricity and a reduction in the price.

Basha vows to fulfill all promises because otherwise he says, he will not seek another term.

The Democratic leader added that the entire electoral program will be designed in consultation with citizens.