Mayor Basha during the communication with the students said that the biggest challenge of his government after April 25 is to curb the departure of young people from the country and the return of those who study abroad.

Lulzim Basha: The facts speak for themselves, 75% of young people want to leave the country. 94% of those studying abroad do not want to return to Albania. Both of these make me extremely depressed. The truth is quite simple, for the Albanian youth to win, for Albania to win, we must remove Edi Rama. The man who has taken the country and its fates hostage, the man who has taken the fates of the Albanian youth hostage.

The opposition leader reiterated his commitment to repeal Rama’s law on Higher Education and instead, draft a law by the best pedagogues and experts in consultation with the students themselves.

Lulzim Basha: The law on higher education was only the first warning in the unjust battle between a government and a prime minister, who sees in the youth a threat to absolute, arrogant and corrupt power. The law on higher education was conceived as a law to subjugate, enslave, depersonalize you, universities and professors.

Therefore, the first act in our program, which will come to life after the elections of April 25, is the abrogation of the law on higher education and a new law of European proportions and principles, built with the best expertise of our experts, lecturers and your assistance in dialogue with you and student associations.

Basha appealed to the youth, students and all Albanians to come together to make possible on April 25 the change that Albania expects and deserves.