Democratic Party Chairman Lulzim Basha did not delay long after the conference of Prime Minister Edi Rama, he appeared before journalists.

Basha said that Rama is doing propaganda with the disaster, while adding that for 8 years no work has been done to solve people’s problems.

Basha: I know all of Shkodra that there are days when it is not raining and the flood has come from the cascade. People are under water and he tells them you do not see the investments I have made. People are suffering and this continues to determine the fate of others. 8 years of propaganda and no work to solve people’s troubles. Who has been prime minister for 8 years? Who has had all the powers for 8 years? Who has had billions of euros in hand to solve these problems in 8 years?

Now at this moment instead of thinking about the worries of the people that in addition to the flood, pandemic, economic crisis has been added to a bitter day that is warned that it will be tomorrow, he comes out without shame and speaks as if he came to government yesterday. To whom should people be held accountable for this situation? What are you doing to help? Everyone is on their feet. Everyone is trying to help as much as they can. The one who has the responsibility by law, sits there for two hours and makes propaganda with the disaster. Enough!